2014 Summer Tour! Concert in Raymond, WA.

This morning we awoke and almost immediately began thinking of this afternoon\’s concert in the historic Raymond Theatre.

After getting ready, we made sure each boy had his concert uniform items in his bus bag and then walked over to breakfast at the Baptist Church.  They were ready for us — with french toast, eggs, ham, juice and fruit.

\"Waitingforbreakfast01(m)\" \"SingingatBreakfast(m)\"

After breakfast we had a short break and then the bus came to take us to the theatre for our first concert of the tour!


Some of the staff members had been at the church awhile doing the tech set-up.  When we arrived we had to move in and get our blazers and costume items set and prepped, and then we plunged into the tech rehearsal.


Lunch at the Elks Lodge (across the street from the theatre).  They went all out and even decorated our tables.



Then it was concert time!  And the concert was awesome!




An AABC trademark is that after each concert the boys meet the audience.




A great day capped off by a great Mexican dinner at Las Maracas, and then back to the school.   Tomorrow we cross into Canada!