Board of Directors

Thomas Courtney, Jr.,
Chairman of the Board

Michele Page, Vice Chair

Bill Sanderson,
Chairman Emeritus

Huey Yann Ooi, Secretary

Steve Winners, Treasurer

Wendy Ahlering

Karen Barber

Gabriel Ayala

Elisa Bohm

Tony Hanna

Diane Dicorpo-Fuller


Vanessa Yoshimura

Rita Pipta

Scott Petersen

Stephen Ronnow

Board Member Commitment

The All-American Boys Chorus is truly fortunate to have such a committed and thoughtful Board of Directors.  Thanks to the continued dedication leadership of the Board, the Chorus is positioned to launch a new phase in its development. 

The Board is responsible for defining and upholding the organization’s mission, vision, and values, and for providing overall leadership and strategic direction to the organization.  In addition to setting policies and maintaining the non-profits’ overall direction, the board establishes priorities, crafts strategies and ensures that plans and programs are implemented.

Board members are also involved in fundraising efforts, spreading the word about our good work and using their connections to gain access to potential donors, actively participating in fundraising campaigns and making their own personal donations.


    • Ensure that TAABC is run in an ethical and legal manner, and implement good governance practices that establish accountability.
    • Support, provide direction to, and work with the CEO to create a strategic direction for TAABC and to set short and long term goals and policies.
    • Assure that management continuity is properly provided.
    • Annually evaluate the performance of the CEO and approve compensation.
    • Annually review and evaluate the performance of the Board and take steps
      to improve its performance.
    • Attend at least 80% of board meetings and board activities.
    • Actively participate on at least one committee.

The Selection Process

Interested candidates should submit a bio to Aaron Cassaro, CEO at  Top candidates will be interviewed by the CEO and Board Development Committee member and nominations will be made to the Board of Directors for election prior to the next full meeting.  Candidates will be notified of the result immediately following the process.