2014 Summer Tour ! Home!

We had a fairly long travel day from Calgary to Spokane, but we arrived in the early evening, had a big dinner and were able to get to bed early.  We had to wake up at 5 am in order to be ready to \”roll\” by 6:10 am for Spokane International Airport.  Each boy got a snack bag from the hotel (nice of them to get those for us since we had to leave before breakfast was ready), and each piece of luggage had to be weighed to be sure it didn\’t exceed Southwest Airlines 50 lb. limit.

We arrived and checked in all in good time and then we waited to board the plane for our flight.  The boys remembered the slogan they heard at the Boeing Factory . . . \”if it ain\’t Boeing, I ain\’t going!\”   Southwest flies all Boeing 737\’s so we\’re going!







Summer Tour 2014 is now part of the AABC\’s proud touring history!