2014 Summer Tour! Nelson, BC

Today we travel 390 miles to Nelson, British Columbia; winding our way through small hamlets and towns.  The temperature is increasing as we delve deeper into the interior of the province, and when we stop for lunch in Osoyoos, it\’s about 95 degrees.

It\’s a nice little roadside/lakeside picnic area and it doesn\’t take the boys long to do what boys love to do . . . throw rocks!



Then it\’s on to Nelson!  When we arrive we break into groups and walk around the main street to find dinner.  Nelson doesn\’t have much night life on Monday nights!

Our motel is about 8 miles out of town and it\’s in a very picturesque location overlooking the lake.  The owner is very helpful and goes out of his way to make us welcome.


The next morning after breakfast the boys don their swim trunks, grab their towels and we had to the lakeside beach in town.

The boys have a blast (they\’ve been itching to swim the whole tour and the hot weather in Nelson makes it especially ideal).







There is a rather good concession stand in the park adjacent to the beach and that\’s where we have our lunch and hang out under the shade trees.


Back to the motel for a shower and to change into concert clothes and then back into town to the Nelson United Church to prepare and present another great concert.  This performance is different in that the church is small and the boys\’ costume change room is also very compact.  But by now the boys have the tour backstage routine down pat and it all goes very smoothly.  The concert is yet another fantastic one.




After the concert the boys really helped \”strike\” the stage; it\’s mostly a Part Leader/older boy job and on tour it seems they really get into the work and we were ready to go in less than an hour.  Back to our motel by the lake.  Tomorrow . . . we cross into Alberta and the majestic Canadian Rockies!