2015 Summer Tour – Gettysburg

We arrived in Gettysburg and had a quick lunch at the food court of an outlet store mall.

At the visitor center the boys watched a movie about the battle and then \”experienced\” the stunning Gettysburg Cyclorama, a painting by the French artist Paul Philippoteaux.




Afterwards, we headed out to our bus to meet up with our battlefield guide, John.  He\’s very knowledgeable and told the story of the battle with intensity.  We drove through the town itself and saw houses where bullet holes are still visible.  He described each day of the battle (it lasted for three), recounted stories of the various well-known events (including Pickett\’s charge), and described the armaments used.




We stopped at a couple of the monuments for photos.


At the site called Little Round Top, a key Union position, at the base of one of the monuments, our guide asked for a song, so the boys performed the National Anthem (click for link).  It was awesome to hear it reverberating amongst the trees!

Our visit to Gettysburg concluded with (what else) a sortie into the gift store!  On to Washington DC!