2015 Winter Tour to Japan

The AABC is touring Japan from December 15 to 23!


Departure Day


Hanging out at the airport.


First Concert – Fukui.  Over 1,000 in attendance!


Meeting the audience after the concert.



Outreach concert for local elementary school students.


Quick change to the soldier outfits!


All set.


We took a quick group shot with the kids.


Presenting the school director with our souvenir photo.

Sightseeing in Kyoto








The famous Golden Pavilion


Meeting the appreciative audience after the concert in Kyoto.



The beautiful concert hall in Hiroshima.


The toy soldiers!


\”Silent Night\” sung with a guest childrens\’ choir of 100.


Autograph time.




Time to head off to dinner!

Visit to the Peace Memorial and Park in Hiroshima.





Traditional Japanese Lunch!



Ah, at last some shopping!


On to Kobe where we\’ll have dinner and then check into our hotel.

Osaka Castle!




Ready to \”storm the castle!\”



Warrior helmets!




At the top!


Ahh . . . another gift shop!


Off to the concert hall!


The hats in the air are always a surprise for the audience!



Opening ACT 2 with the Hawaiian shirts.


Introductions by the boys, translated by Kana.



Posing for photos following the concert.



Autographs and photos of autographs!  They love the AABC in Japan.

Goodbye to Osaka and hello to the bullet train.



Zipping along at about 180mph.


Our concert in Tokyo is being videotaped by NHK, the Japanese national TV network!




Looking good on the TV monitor in the control room.


Audience participation is always fun.



kickin\’ back at intermission


Dean\’s intro on the tv monitor


Another capacity audience that loves the AABC.




Final concert and last day in Japan!


There\’s a guest children\’s choir, so a short meeting and rehearsal before the concert.


A brief presentation and some \”mugging\” for the camera.


The procession to \”Gesu Bambino\”



O Holy Night


Toy soldiers are always the hit of the concert.





\”Silent Night\” with the guest choir.


A bouquet for the boys and one for the \”maestro\”


Getting towards the end of the show!


Final introduction and thank you!


In the lobby with the fans one last time.



Can I try on your hat?







Sayonara Japan!


Thank you Kana for your hard work on the tour!