July 21 & 22, Vancouver to Banff

July 21 – Butchart Gardens

Today was cloudy. Somehow, even though gloomy in the sky, the spirit of Vancouver still popped out in bright colors and bustling people. We made our way back downtown to visit the Royal British Columbia Museum. The museum show cased the anthropology and culture of the aboriginal and native people to Canada pre-colonization. It gave extensive information on various topics, ranging from facts about local wildlife and plants, the gold rush, and historical figures. After we all learned a bit more about Canada, we made way to Butchart Gardens to prepare for our concert.

On arrival, a few familiar faces greeted us with smiles and handshakes. We made way for the gardens where the boys would then take pictures for a photo contest we’re holding. The winner gets a little more spending money for the remainder of the trip. Excited and eager, the boys broke off into groups and ventured off into the enormous gardens, each area with different types and themes of plants. After extensive photo taking and getting some energy out around the park, it was time to get ready to perform. The show had a great turn out, many people in the audience had seen us walking around Victoria and some even saw us on the ferry from Vancouver. During the performance, the cloud cover caught up to us and began to drizzle. Light rain and outdoor shows never pair well, but the audience remained. The audience transformed into rows of umbrellas and coats, and the attentiveness of them never dissipated. It was an amazing display of true enjoyment and loyalty that the audience didn’t leave. It really made for a great show and a wonderful evening. After the show, the boys ran off stage to meet the guests. They congratulated the boys and also shared a few words about the gardens surrounding them. The sun sets late here, so despite the sun having just gone down, it was time for bed. After a quick drive home and a few words on the bus, we said our evening prayer and turned in for the night.



July 22 – To Banff!

Today we travelled to Banff, Alberta. With breaks, the drive stretches about 12 hours long. It is so full of scenery and beauty it seems less like a drive and more of a cinematic. The road winds between babbling brooks, cliff sides with different shades of stone, mountain peaks that pierce through the wispy clouds, and lakes blue and rich in color. Words can hardly do the view justice, and pictures can only resemble a fragment of each view; but here’s to sharing some views from it.

After our journey on the bus, we arrived at Banff and turned in late at night. A real appreciation for nature blossoms from a drive like this; at least for those who looked out the window. It was truly spectacular.

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