2014 Summer Tour! Concert at the Butchart Gardens.

The day began with a visit to the Royal British Columbia Museum, followed by lunch in the Museum Cafe, and then a really neat IMAX movie on the Great White Shark.




There was an outstanding visiting exhibit on Vikings, but there were no photos allowed.

After the IMAX movie we headed out of town and arrived at the Butchart Gardens at about 3 pm.  We met our host and took all of our concert gear backstage of the lovely amphitheatre where tonight\’s concert will take place.

Then (yet another AABC Canada tour tradtion) we lined the boys up in height order (tallest to shortest) and wended our way through the Gardens to the magnificent Sunken Garden for the group photo on the steps.



The boys then headed into the gardens on a quest for the best photo of a flower and the best small group photo.   This is a contest and we\’ll announce the winners in a few days.

\"Butchart02(m)\" \"Butchart04(m)\"



Then it was time for the concert rehearsal, dinner, and the concert itself.




\"ButchartConcert01(m)\" \"ButchartConcert08(m)\"

The audience was large and enthusiastic and, as always, the boys did a superlative job of meeting the people following the concert.




A superb day in one of the loveliest places on the planet.