2014 Summer Tour! We\’re in British Columbia!

Our 2014 Canadian odyssey began on Monday, July 21st with the move-out from the school in Raymond and then a marvelous breakfast.


After breakfast the boys sang a song to thank our cooks and also our two wonderful hosts, Virginia Carlson and Cecilia Seaman.  We also presented each of them with a signed photo of our 2014 Touring Chorus.


Off we went and pretty soon we were back on I-5 and headed towards Mukilteo, WA, where we stopped for a quick lunch and then proceeded to the Boeing Facility for our Boeing Factory Tour.  There were no cameras, cell phones, backpacks, purses permitted on the actual tour so we don\’t have photos of the tour itself, but it was outstanding.

We saw planes in various stages of fabrication, including 747s, 777s and the \”dreamliner;\” the 787.  The building we were in is the largest building (in volume) on the planet.  The boys were amazed to learn that you could have 75 NFL games taking place at one time within the confines of the building!

Photos were allowed in the \”Future of Flight\” museum.



A quick visit to the gift shop and then back on the bus.  Another quick stop in Bellingham for dinner and then we were at the border!

The Canadian Immigration and Customs officers were very nice and efficient and welcoming and the entire crossing took only about 15 minutes.

The drive from the border into Vancouver was lovely, with mountains in the background and water all around, over several bridges until we finally arrived at the school where we would be staying for the next two nights.

We moved in and got to bed so that we\’d be ready for our first day of adventures in Canada.

Tuesday, after breakfast, we headed to the Capilano Bridge and Park.  It was a beautiful day and we broke up into small groups and headed right in.

\"Capilano11(m)\" \"Capilano09(m)\" \"Capilano04(m)\" \"Capilano05(m)\" \"Capilano06(m)\" \"Capilano07(m)\" \"Capilano10(m)\"

After Capilano Park we went to lunch at the nearby Park Royal Mall, and then we drove to the \”Royal City\” of New Westminster (the first capital of British Columbia) to visit the Canada Games Pool — an AABC favorite for many years.  There\’s a few high dives and a water slide and a lot of fun at the Canada Games Pool.


After the pool we had a pizza party and then finished up the day with a movie (Planes, Fire and Rescue) at a nearby movie theatre.

Wow!  We had no problem falling asleep when we got back to the school.  Tomorrow . . . we cross via the BC Ferry to Vancouver Island!