2015 Summer Camp – Day 1

Day 1 of camp dawned bright and clear, and it promises to be a true Southern California summer \”scorcher.\”  Predicted high today is 93 degrees!  Plenty of water and sunscreen will be consumed today!

After a hearty breakfast, we kicked off the morning with a slew of rehearsals, music reading classes, voice lessons and that all important play-time in the gym!


The 1st Tenors (1st altos) got us started off with the first singing rehearsal of the camp!

The morning concluded with our grand rehearsal, which is the musical highlight/epitome of the camp each day.  Some of the greatest music created by The All-American Boys Chorus happens at these intense, super-focused rehearsals.  Today the boys worked on songs for our upcoming July 11th summer concert, and for our concert in August when we present the world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra.


After lunch, everyone headed off to the model building room for the initial phase of our model building program.  In this day of electronic games it\’s a unique and neat aspect of our camps.  It\’s good to see boys reading directions and working and building something with their hands.




Pierre lends a helping hand!


The painting is often the most fun, and shows the most imagination, of the model building.

Afternoons are also times when the boys can hang our in their dorms, or go to the pool (a big hit given today\’s heat).  And for our blue shirts (Training Division), afternoons are when they can practice and try to have their required songs (for advancement to Concert Chorus) approved by a Part Leader or senior Concert Chorus member.  Each song a blue shirt gets approved gives his dorm 3 points in the very competitive Dorm Competition!

This year our dorms are Hutch and Jones.   Points for the dorm can also be earned by being selected as one of the top three students in each voice or music reading class, being on time to each class and rehearsal, and leaving your model building \”station\” neat and tidy.

A delicious dinner followed the afternoon activities, and then it was time for the feature movie (complete with AABC snack bar staffed by our Part Leaders).

After the movie we heard the results of the day\’s tally for the dorm competition!


It\’s a really close race!

Now it\’s bedtime.

Day 2 here we come!