2015 Summer Camp – Set-up and Arrival

The AABC summer camp is probably the major event of the year for us.  It requires much detailed planning and coordination.  Two days before camp begins our intrepid \”set-up\” crew of staff members, counselors and Part Leaders arrives at our camp location to \”build\” the camp \”AABC style.\”



First things first!



Staying hydrated is very important!


So is having fun at camp!


Our section leaders taking a break after a busy set-up day!

We\’re ready!


Arrival Day!  The \”troops\” exiting the bus and wending their way to the rehearsal hall for the camp \”kick-off\” meeting and opening talks from Tony Manrique and Wesley Martin.



After moving in each dorm has its own meeting.  Then it\’s dinner-time followed by a tour of the campus led by Wesley.

We\’re moved in, fed, have the \”lay of the land\”, and we\’ve had some fun up at the gym before lights out.

Day 1 here we come!