2015 Summer Camp – Day 5

Well it seems like we just arrived to camp yesterday, but here we are at the final day of our 2015 AABC music camp.

Room inspection this morning was to make sure that boys are starting to pack up. Sleeping bags rolled up, suitcase nearly packed. Only items left out are swimsuits, towels and music being worked on by our blue shirts for their final day of song “check-off.”

This morning was the 2nd and final “straightest, most quiet line” competition. The first one (on Saturday) was won by Jones, so Hutch is hoping they can balance things off with a win today!




At the gym on the final morning of camp!

The schedule is similar throughout the morning and through lunch, but in the afternoon we gather for the Music Reading awards. At camp we have four music reading levels: Gershwin, Williams, Chimes and Hand Bells. Each teacher awards “best in part” for his or her class and then “overall best”. The boys who win for “overall best” earn points for their dorms.


Gershwin Music Reading Class


Williams Music Reading Class


Chimes Music Reading Class


Hand Bells Music Reading Class

After lunch the schedule shifts and there is a Concert Chorus rehearsal for the Marches “chorallagraphy,” followed by a Touring Chorus special rehearsal.

Everyone enjoys a last plunge into the pool, finishing up their model (especially if they are entering it in the model-building competition), practicing songs for the final “check-off” periods, or packing up and getting ready for move-out, which is before dinner.

Each dorm is also presenting its banner to the judges. The judges will deliberate, make their decision and hand their envelope to Aaron Cassaro for tabulation.

Jurassic Jones! COW stands for Camper of the Week.


Dinner and then we head to the rehearsal hall for the awarding of the model-building Best Plane and Best Car prizes, the Camper of the Week ceremonies, and each dorm’s presentation of their banner to the assembled boys.

Our 2015 music camp model building winners!

Our Training Division (blue shirts) Camper of the Week, runners-up and medalist!

Our Concert Chorus Camper of the Week, runners-up and medalists!

Then it’s time for the announcing of the final found of dorm points, including the winning Banner and then . . . drum roll please! . . . the winner of the Dorm Competition!

Congratulations to Jones! Their banner will hang in the AABC rehearsal hall throughout the 2015-2016 season.

Hutch, there’s always next year!

Onwards now to a great summer – July 11th Celebrate America concert, July 17th concert on the opening day of the Orange County Fair, July 18th departure for our concert tour of the USA East Coast!

A few parting shots from AABC summer music camp 2015!

Our intrepid, hard-working Part Leaders.

Our counselors!

See you at our 2016 summer music camp!