2015 Summer Camp – Day 4

This morning dawned already warm, so after yesterday\’s slight respite (it was cloudy all day) we\’re expecting another \”scorcher.\”

After breakfast, we went into the morning schedule, but we also welcomed our Graduate Chorus to camp!


The Grads got right into their own rehearsal!

Meanwhile, our Gershwin and Williams music reading classes were demonstrating that it\’s not all pencils and books . . .




There were a lot of parents and families visiting again today and they joined us for the grand rehearsal and then lunch.  The boys are better each day–in tone, projection, blend and focus.


Wow! It\’s really hot today.  Must be in the mid 90\’s at least.  That pool is going to be a welcome sight this afternoon.

The fourth day of camp is a consolidation day.  The hand bells and chimes classes, which practice separately all week, come together to play as ensembles.


It\’s neat for the boys, who have been hearing just one part (about 4 to 6 boys) all week, to experience the total sound of their combined playing.  Parents like it too!

The blue shirts (Training Division) are fully into the song \”check-off\” mode – boys are earning points for their dorms big-time!

After dinner we sent the blue shirts off to watch a movie, and the Concert Chorus (red shirts) and graduate chorus, joined by some alumni, gathered for a rehearsal in preparation for our July 11th summer concert.


It was an awesome experience!  What a powerful sound!  Kudos to all of our singers for working so well together.

At the end of the night our Graduate Chorus serenaded us with the songs they will be singing on their own in the concert.


All we can say is . . . buy your tickets now!

No Dorm Competition points update tonight.  It all adds to the anticipation tomorrow night when we wrap up the camp!