2015 Summer Camp – Day 3

Today is camp \”visit\” day and we\’re expecting a lot of parents/families for lunch!  Much excitement amongst the boys.

We started the day with our Dorm Competition \”most straight and most quiet lines\” review.  Each dorm parades past Gary March at the camp \”crossroads\” on the way to breakfast, hoping to be selected as the best and thus earning 30 points for the dorm.


A great breakfast and into the morning rounds of classes.


One of Mrs. Martin\’s \”Williams\” music reading classes.


Can you \”name that tune?\”


Mrs. Ellis\’s music classes are called \”Gershwin\”


We have 3 great voice teachers up at camp.  Ms. Debbie Gault


Ms. Leilani Waddell


Mr. Shawn Taylor


Our top music classes are hand bells, and they are taught by Mr. Charles Maggs.

Third grand rehearsal of camp – another fantastic musical experience.  And today we had about 80 parents/family members watching and then joining us for lunch!




Lunch was abuzz with chatter and excitement as boys sat with visiting parents and family members.

After lunch our summer touring chorus had a uniform/costume fitting and then ran through our Sousa March Medley chorallography a couple of times.  Still a few rough spots but we\’ll get there!

Model building and then a quick (but needed) nap before plunging into the afternoon round of activities – rehearsal, pool-time, dorm-time, etc.


Another tasty dinner and then our movie.  A big announcement follows.  Charlie, who came to camp as a white shirt (Audition Division) has met his requirements and is now a blue shirt (Training Division).  He celebrated by checking off his first song and getting 3 points for his dorm.  And then . . . the all-important reading of the dorm points for the day!

Jones won the line competition and was awarded the 30 points.  Next line competition Monday morning.


Hutch has its work cut out for it!

Tomorrow we welcome our Graduate Chorus and our alumni!  Now . . . to sleep!