2015 Summer Camp – Day 2

Everyone woke up this morning eager to start the day\’s activities.  After a tasty breakfast the boys headed out to their various classes, which were interspersed with visits to the gym!


Chimes Class!


Ready, set . . .



Once again the grand rehearsal lives up to (and exceeds) expectations.  The boys brought about some more truly wonderful and artistic sounds!





Johannes surrounded by helpful Red Shirts Kaden and Riley.


Lunch was gobbled up by the army of boys and counselors and then it was off to model-building, our (now) much anticipated nap time, and then on to the afternoon rehearsals, song approval opportunities for our blue shirts (Training Division), and the pool!



It\’s about 90 degrees again today, so the pool is a refreshing respite.  Perfect for a hot summer day.

Dinner and then tonight\’s movie.


Our AABC snack shop is run by our intrepid Part Leaders!

Another great day at AABC summer music camp draws to a close.  Just before bedtime we receive the Dorm Competition update . . .



Jones has opened up a lead.  Hutch has it\’s work cut out for it tomorrow!

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