2015 Summer Tour – Charleston, SC

Following our quick visit to Nashville we pointed ourselves in the direction of Charleston, South Carolina, arriving in the early evening.

Next morning, after breakfast, we traveled to Mount Pleasant to attend and sing at the 9:45 am service at Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church.


The church was built in pre-Civil War days.

We then drove into downtown Charleston and dispersed onto King Street for a quick lunch.


Part of the \”Chipotle Grill crew.\”

The concert at the Sottile Theater was outstanding.


It was our first \”2-hour\” \”costume change\” concert of the tour so it took more rehearsal time.  But the boys were up to it (and more).  The costume changes were flawless and the boys singing was superb.





The Gardner family hosted a lovely post-concert reception and the boys and staff enjoyed it very much (especially the munchies!).

Everyone is in full \”tour mode\” now and the boys are developing that magnificent \”tour sound\” that occurs each time we travel.

Next morning we embarked on a day of sightseeing, heading first to the boat landing that would transport us to Fort Sumter.




Relaxing on the boat!




At the fort!




Everyone enjoyed the fort (and the gift shop).  One really cool thing was the National Park Rangers getting the crowd (at the orientation when we got off the boat) to sing \”Happy Birthday\” to Kip.

Then it was on to lunch and then back to our hotel to collect (what else) laundry!  We found a cool (pun intended) water park for the boys to enjoy while four of our staff members worked on the laundry.  After dinner it was time to hand out the laundry, repack and then sleep-time!