2015 Summer Tour – Nashville, TN

Our tour\’s southward turn had a bit of a detour when we encountered a problem with the alternator on our bus.  It necessitated calling a mechanic to come to our hotel at 1:30 am,  He informed us that he needed to remove the alternator and take it to a shop for diagnosis and repair.  Next morning we found out that the alternator was beyond repair and that a new one had to ordered for delivery the following day.

So we swung into action and booked a bus to take us to Lexington, Virginia.  While we waited for the bus we walked to a nearby mall and took in a movie.

Next morning, in Lexington we rented another bus to take us into town to the local swimming pool.  Some of our staff members went in our equipment truck and bought supplies for a really nice picnic lunch .


While we were at the pool the town\’s newspaper reporter showed up.  She interviewed staff members and called in a videographer.  Apparently we were a big thing in Lexington, VA!


The folks at the snack stand at the pool offered us free ice cream for \”a song\” so the boys happily complied, and they took the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to Timmy.  The whole thing was caught on videotape by the newspaper.


Back to our hotel to meet our bus (which had been repaired and enroute from Springfield, VA) and off we drove to Lebanon, Tennessee (just outside of Nashville).

It was a late arrival for us, but thankfully all was good on the bus and we were back on schedule.

The next morning was all business as staff and boys made their way to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville for the \”Live on Stage\” showcase.  We had 30 minutes to load-in, set-up and sound check, and then another 20 minutes to get blazers on and comb hair.  The showcase itself was 15 minutes.  The boys and Wes did a fabulous job and the audience of concert presenters loved the performance.

After a nearly as quick tear-down and load-out we headed off for a well-deserved lunch and then a relaxing movie. Wesley and Tony attended a reception and dinner hosted by \”Live on Stage\” that evening; the boys and the rest of the staff did a bit of sightseeing in Nashville\’s Parthenon Park and then went to dinner at an AABC favorite hang-out – Cracker Barrel!

Whew!  It was a whirlwind trip to Nashville, but the the successful showcase made it more than worthwhile.