July 27 Lake Louise, Johnston Canyon,

Today\’s adventure takes us to a few places. Athabasca falls, Lake Louise, and Johnston Canyon. On our way to Lake Louise we stopped by a waterfall named after the glacier we were standing on just a few days ago. It was a quick stop, but one worth the stop for sure. The mist from the waterfall made it cool around the falls and the rich blue glacier water roared off the stones into a nearby lake. We took off from our scenic pit stop and made way for Lake Louise, one of the most famous and gorgeous views in Canada.

Much like Peyto Lake, Lake Louise can really only be done justice by seeing it. The lush, silted water that glows an aqua color with the staggering mountain behind covered in glacier ice can only  be explained as jaw dropping. We were fortunate enough to get in line in time to all hop in a canoe on the calm water and row at our own speed. It was relaxing and very calming, a perfect way to enjoy the scenery. The boys of course wanted to squeeze a race or two in, but when they realized that paddling isn\’t just making the motion, they decided to take it easy for the rest of the time allotted to us.

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After eating at Lake Louise at the base of the gondolas, we made way for our next stop, Johnston Canyon. The canyon features many hiking trails, all showing off another amazing sight. The lower falls is the closest to the bus drop off, next is the upper falls, and above that is the ink pots. Both of the falls will treat you to some cool mist and towering trees above and around you. Cliff sides several stories high shade you and allow for a great walk up the path. About four to five times the distance as the lower falls is the ink pots. It\’s a three and a half mile hike one way, but boy is it worth it. After seemingly getting further from our destination with every step and only covering a quarter of a mile uphill every ten minutes, the boys who took on the challenge made it just in time to refill their water bottles and soak their feet in the rushing fresh water river. A lesson to know about hiking is to enjoy the hike as well as the destination, the journey is just as important as the reward. If rushing to the destination is your goal, you will not have paid attention on the way and it won\’t be appreciated, it was important to everyone to take our beautiful surroundings in. Many people wish they could come here, and here they are, kids adventuring in Canada.

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