2014 Summer Camp! Day 4


That\’s the story as Day 4 dawned.  Jones is leading in the overall dorm competition.  Even though Appleby won the first line contest, Jones maintained its lead with a high number of song check-offs.

The morning followed the now established schedule of room inspection, breakfast, music reading, voice lessons and rehearsals.  Today\’s grand rehearsal was another spectacular event as the boys\’ efforts and focus continue to mold them into an ever more cohesive ensemble.   They\’re really listening to one another and the blend is just superb.


After lunch there was an extra long nap; to recharge everyone for the afternoon and for tonight\’s special rehearsal with our esteemed alumni.

But song check-offs are still \”top of the list\” and in each dorm boys gathered to help one another and work together on mastering songs to check-off.



Dinner time saw AABC alumni arriving to join the boys, staff and counselors for the meal.  Afterwards the Concert Chorus headed to the rehearsal hall along with our alums and graduate chorus, while the training division choristers set off to enjoy a movie in one of the dorm common rooms.

The rehearsal was awesome!  The alumni, graduate chorus and Concert Chorus worked on three songs that are going to be featured in our July 12th summer concert at SOKA Performing Arts Center.  Buy your tickets today!


There is a special bell part for one of the songs, written by Mr. Charles Maggs especially for the AABC.  Our AABC bell ringers (members of the Concert Chorus who have completed all four levels of music reading) have been practicing all week and tonight they debuted their efforts.


After the rehearsal the boys and counselors trekked back to their dorms for some last minute strategy sessions on tomorrow\’s 2nd (and final) straightest and quietest line contest, and the presentations that will be made in the Dorm Banner contest.  No update tonight on how many points each dorm earned in the day\’s activities, which will add to the suspense tomorrow as the Music Reading and Model Building trophies are awarded, and the Campers of the Week for the training division and the Concert Chorus are announced.  And, of course, when the winner of the overall Dorm Competition will be declared.