2014 Summer Camp! Day 3

The AABC summer music camp is in full swing now.   Wake-up, shower and prep, room inspection, breakfast.  But this morning there was an added event.  On the way to the dining hall each dorm participated in the \”quietest, straightest line competition.\”   Gary March, former AABC bus driver and all around great guy, is our official line judge.  He sits at what we call \”the crossroads\” on the way to the dining hall and as the boys from each dorm parade by he judges the execution of their line.

\"d3linecontest01low\" \"d3linecontest02low\"

Results will be announced at the end of the day, right after the movie!

The camp has a beautiful dining hall and in the morning the light streams in the windows giving the room a warm glow.


Mornings, as we\’ve reported previously, are filled with voice classes, music reading, chimes and handbell classes.


The boys absorb much knowledge from great teachers, but the mornings also contain lots of fun at the gym . . .




\"d3gym02low\" \"d3gym03low\"

Another incredible grand rehearsal, which was witnessed by what might have been the single biggest group of parents/families visiting in one day in AABC camp history!  You could feel the focus emanating from the boys as they sang.



Lunch was \”electric\” with all of the boys, parents, families.  The AABC filled the large dining hall.

Although today we only had use of the pool for one afternoon period, the boys and their parents/families made the most of it!




One of the dads brought along an actual drone!


Of course each of the four singing parts had an afternoon sectional rehearsal.

\"d3afternoon02low\" \"d3afternoon01low\"

Dinner was delicious.  The movie was a blast.

And so Day 3 has come to a close.  Oh yeah, the morning line competition was won by . . . Appleby!

Visit tomorrow for an update on the overall dorm points.




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  1. Glad to see everyone is having such a wonderful time, keep up the good work Russell we are proud of you.See you Tue. Love mom and dad.

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