2014 Summer Camp! Day 2

Today dawned very sunny, so we thought we might be in for a scorcher!  But by mid/late morning the \”June gloom\” had established itself.

Song check-off is on everyone\’s mind.  The Jones dorm had a banner day yesterday with song check-off, which helped propel them to an early lead in the dorm competition.


Both dorms are strategizing and encouraging the \”blue shirts\” (Training Division) to practice their songs (with help from the Concert Chorus) and to attempt to check-off as many songs as possible.  Each \”blue shirt\” chorister has a binder with the music and practice CDs for the songs he is required to learn, memorize and successfully sing for a Part Leader or specially appointed Concert Chorus member.  When he does so, the song is considered \”checked-off\”.  Camp is a prime opportunity for our \”blue shirts\” to check-off a bunch of songs; and each song they check-off earns their dorm points in the Dorm Competition!


Right after breakfast the morning classes and activities began.




But the morning also contains recreation time at the gym.



There\’s also a voice class and of course each of the singing parts has a morning sectional rehearsal with Wes.





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It was great to have a bunch of parents (and families) join us for the Grand Rehearsal to see their boys achieve a remarkable level of concentration, focus and musicality.  Working under Wes\’s leadership on very fine points of vocal production the boys elevated their level of singing to nothing less than world class professionalism.

After lunch we trekked up to the model-building venue, followed by our visiting parents and families, and the boys continued working on their models.







The temperature in the afternoon shot up and so the pool was a very inviting, and popular, hang-out.


Dinner was an All-American favorite – burgers, fries and chocolate mousse!

Movie time is always a great way to end the day.

Tomorrow we\’ll update you with the latest dorm competition information!


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  1. Julie Wozencraft

    Thanks for all the great pictures and blog. The boys sure look like they were all having a blast today! Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s update.

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