2014 Summer Camp! Day 1

After a bright and early wake-up, the AABC kicked into gear with a terrific breakfast and the launch of the first \”official\” day of our 2014 summer camp.  At 8:26 am the boys moved from the dining hall to:  music reading or voice lessons or rehearsal or recreation time at the gym.  It was a like a well-orchestrated ballet, with counselors and groups of choristers striking out in (literally) four different directions throughout the beautiful campus.

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It didn\’t take long for the camp to shift into high gear!






It\’s all about focus!

Part Leaders help organize the boys in each rehearsal and their motto is to \”lead by example\”



Then it was time for the Grand Rehearsal – the musical high point of the day.


The boys worked on three songs for their upcoming July 12th summer concert at SOKA Performing  Arts Center.  Judging from this rehearsal, the audience is in for a real treat!


Followed by the first model-building session of the camp.  The boys eagerly opened their models, whipped out the instructions and went to work.  No electronic games or computers here.  It takes good old fashioned concentration, a steady hand, patience and learning how to follow directions.   All under the watchful and helpful eyes of our counselors.






And what boy doesn\’t like to use spray paint?!


How cool is that?!

After lunch a nap!  Yep, you heard it right.  The entire camp takes a quick nap to recharge for the afternoon activities, which include a sectional rehearsal, but also three periods when boys can work on their models, hang out in the dorms or . . . THE POOL!



Dinner is the culinary high point of the day.  It\’s followed by the fun and relaxing MOVIE!  Tonight it was the Lego Movie, and per long-standing AABC camp tradition the snack shop was ably manned by our Part Leaders.

With that we bid you goodnight again.  Visit us again tomorrow for an update on Day 2 of our 2014 summer music camp.

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  1. Fantastic blog Tony! AABC Camp looks amazing and very well-organized. Please make sure my son gets on the bus when it
    is time to leave – he probably won’t want to leave!

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