2014 Summer Tour!

Well we\’re off and running on our 2014 summer tour of the USA Pacific Northwest and Canada.

After months of organizational work, rehearsing (and rehearsing), uniform fittings, emails, letters, and phone calls . . .  the boys and parents and staff members gathered this morning at TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa.  The air was filled with excitement and anticipation.

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A final check of the roster!  Everyone is here!  Time now for the traditional group photo!


And then we were off.  First stop Woodland, California.  On our way to our first concert on Sunday in beautiful Raymond, Washington.

California\’s Central Valley is where some 10% of the USA\’s produce is grown.  It\’s great farm country . . . and pretty hot (usually around 100 degrees F).  Today was fairly cool (only in the low 90\’s).  A quick stop in Buttonwillow for lunch at Carl\’s Jr.  This is an AABC tradition.  We\’ve been stopping at this Carl\’s Jr. for over 20 years on the first day of any tour that takes us north.


Continuing up the valley it was time for a movie.  We watched two videos from our 2006 and 2007 summer music camps that Wes had compiled.  Lots of fun to see some of the tour staff members as red shirts!  Then we watched \”How To Train Your Dragon!\”

A quick rest stop in Westley and then arrival and check-in at the motel in Woodland; and we were off to dinner at Ludy\’s BBQ.  It was a very tasty meal and the boys (and staff) loved that it was \”all you can eat!\”



After that big meal (and after being in the bus all day) it was great to have some time at a local park to let off some steam.





Now it\’s back to the motel and some time for calls home … and then bedtime.  Tomorrow\’s destination . . . Springfield, Oregon.

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  1. Thank you so much for continuing the blog during Tour. Although I will be speaking to Kip on the phone each night, I welcome traveling virtually with him and all the boys on their adventure.
    Happy trails!

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