Aaron Cassaro Appointed to Lead Chorus in Future

ParentingOC recently wrote an article about Aaron and how his time in The All-American Boys Chorus helped him as a child. Be sure to check it out here:

(SANTA ANA, CALIF.) – February 12, 2020 – The Board of Directors of The All-American Boys Chorus (AABC) today announced the appointment of Aaron Cassaro as its new chief executive officer.

“The entire board is very excited to work with Mr. Cassaro in his expanded role as CEO,” said Bill Sanderson, chairman of the board of The All-American Boys Chorus.  “We couldn’t ask for anyone that is more steeped in the wonderful traditions of the Chorus and has the passion for the transformational work we do with the young boys and families we serve.”

Cassaro, an alumnus of the AABC, brings an informed perspective with new energy to the CEO position. He has years of experience in operational management and team building in a non-profit setting, and his institutional knowledge of the Chorus will allow him to implement smoothly his vision for the future of the organization. For years, Cassaro was the Chief Operating Officer of the AABC, and since mid-2019 has been acting as Interim CEO.

“I’m so excited to be able to lead and give back to this wonderful organization that has had such a profound, transformational effect on my own life, and on the lives of thousands of young men,” says Cassaro. “My passion has always been for building a community in which our members can thrive and grow, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of expanding the program and providing more boys with the unique and outstanding opportunities that the All-America Boys Chorus offers.”

“Aaron has been a part of the Chorus for many years, first as a boy then as a staff member,” says TAABC artistic director, Wes Martin.  “To see him rise to the position of CEO speaks not only of his commitment but also of the strength of the organization.  The love he has for the Chorus is an inspiration for us all.”

According to one current TAABC parent, Susie Savage, “It is a tremendous comfort as a parent to have a CEO that has gone through the program and so understands and can relate to my son’s experiences. I am delighted that Aaron is taking on this leadership role, and excited to see where he takes the Chorus.”

The AABC choristers have sung before some of the nation’s more prestigious audiences – from U.S. presidents to well-known celebrities, and they have performed with some of today’s most successful vocalists including the Pentatonix, Sarah McLachlan, Josh Groban, David Benoit, and Taylor Hicks. They have also worked in collaboration with local organizations including Disney, the Pacific Symphony, and the Pacific Chorale.